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ESU #1 Technology Department
Click to download the ESU #1 Tech Menu of Services.

The ESU #1 Technology Department offers a number of services to ESU #1 school districts. Some of the services coordinated through the Technology Department include:

  • Computer and Equipment Repair
  • Internet Services
  • Media and Teacher Resources Library
  • Technology Training

ESU #1 Technology Director
Jim Hopkins has served ESU #1 as the Technology Director since 1993. Recently, Jim has worked to prepare schools for an upgrade to all distance education labs. Improvements have been made and will continue in an effort to accommodate the technological advances that benefit ESU #1 school districts. In addition, Jim has been working with the local LAN Managers on local issues, as well as wide area issues, including filtering the web and filtering our mail. Furthermore, because of a newly engineered network and upgrades, Internet usage has continued to increase and is anticipated to climb. Jim can be reached through email at jhopkins@esu1.org.

ESU #1 Technology Training
The ESU #1 Technology Training Department provides assistance for students, teachers, support staff and administrators through instruction in the areas of technology, technology integration and instructional materials. The Technology Training Department provides training opportunities in an ongoing effort to raise student achievement scores and accommodate districts in the ESU #1 service area.


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Tech Help Desk
ESU #1 employees and schools facing computer and technology problems are encouraged to use TECH-iT to submit a request for assistance and/or service.


Questions? Comments? Please email Scott or Tracey.