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ESU #1 Administration

ESU #1 Board

ESU #1 Agency Improvement Leadership Team

     ESU #1’s Agency Improvement Team meets the first Friday of each month to monitor progress on improvement goals.

     ESU #1 conducted data retreats in April 2015 and April 2016. A review of stakeholder survey results, student achievement data and Clarity BrightBytes survey results was also completed. During the summer of 2016, ESU #1 created a Google site to organize artifacts for the upcoming AdvancED review.

     Analysis of the AdvancED stakeholder surveys was completed in Fall 2016. Through the use of an online survey, all ESU #1 personnel were given the opportunity to rate the quality of the work being done in the five standards. Staff and school results were tabulated and compiled into ESU #1’s accreditation report.

     ESU #1’s Agency Improvement Team conducted a final review of the documentation being loaded into ASSIST. A formal presentation video (below) was created and reviewed, and final preparations were made for the March 2017 AdvancED external team review.

The ESU #1 Continuous Improvement Process Leadership Team consists of the following members:

Bill Heimann, ESU #1 Administrator
Stuart Clark, ESU #1 Director of Special Education
Chris Good, ESU #1 Teaching & Learning Team
Amy Mundil, ESU #1 Teaching & Learning Team
Rhonda Jindra, ESU #1 Teaching & Learning Team
Kellen Conroy, ESU #1 Teaching & Learning Team
Scott McIntosh, Communication/Technology Specialist
Lisa Salmon, ESU #1 Office Manager


Questions? Comments? Please email Scott or Tracey.