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ESU #1 Transition Inventory
Email Jim Gunsolley, ESU #1 Transition Specialist, at jgunsol@esu1.org.

Additional items are also available through the Nebraska Transition Library: www.nebraskatransitionlibrary.net

1- 4
Name or Title
101 More Life Skills Games For Children Manual
5 Smart Pen Kits Equipment
ACT Prep Guide Manual
Alcohol Video
Alphasmart Neo (4) Hardware
Animals & Their Homes Manual/CD
Are You Better Off Working/First Impressions Video
ASVAB Basics Manual/CD
ASVAB Basics (4) Manual
Bar Code Reader Hardware
Be Cool - Coping With Anger Manual/Video
Be Cool - Coping With Bullying (Module 4) Manual/DVD
Be Cool - Coping With Criticism Manual/Video
Be Cool - Coping With Teasing Manual/Video
Being With People: Being With a Date and Being With Authority Figures, Acquaintances and Strangers Manual/DVD
Being With People: Being With Friends and Being With Housemates Manual/DVD
Best Careers for 2000 (2) Manual
Best Jobs for College Graduates Manual
Best Jobs for Your Personality Manual
Best Jobs Paying Manual
Best Jobs Through Apprenticeships Manual
Best Jobs W/out a Four Year Degree Manual
Best Laid Plans/Party Time/It's Late Video
Beyond the Classroom: Post-Secondary Transition Planning for Students with Autism Manual/CD
Butt Out! Video
Calling All Problem Solvers Manual/CD
CAN A Study Guide Manual/CD
Car Builder CD
Career Ability Placement Survey (CAPS) Test
Career Box Manual
Career Choices Curriculum
Career Club-Job Interview Techniques for Entry Level Video
Career Club-Job Interview Techniques for Non-College Bound Youth Video
Career Club-Job Search Skills Video
Career Club-Resume Tips Video
Career Exploration-Animal Caretaker Manual
Career Exploration-Athletic Trainer Manual
Career Exploration-Automotive Master Mechanic Manual
Career Exploration-Construction Carpenter Manual
Career Exploration-Cosmetologist Manual
Career Exploration-Dental Assistant Manual
Career Exploration-Director Film, TV, Radio & Stage Manual
Career Exploration-Electrician Manual
Career Exploration-Fashion Designer Manual
Career Exploration-Flight Attendant Manual
Career Exploration-Graphic Designer Manual
Career Exploration-Human Services Worker Manual
Career Exploration-Landscape Contractor Manual
Career Exploration-Licensed Practical Nurse Manual
Career Exploration-Machinist Manual
Career Exploration-Park Naturalist Manual
Career Exploration-Police Detective Manual
Career Exploration-Travel Agent Manual
Career Orientation Placement & Evaluation Survey (COPES) Test
Career Orientation Placement Survey (COPS) Test
Career Success-Agricultural Science Video
Career Success-Automobile Mfg Video
Career Success-Carpentry Video
Career Success-Farming Video
Career Success-Fire Fighting Video
Career Success-Food & Beverage Prep Video
Career Success-Food & Beverage Serving Video
Career Success-Forestry Science Video
Career Success-General Manufacturing Video
Career Success-Industrial & Building Maintenance Video
Career Success-Material Handling Video
Career Success-Meat, Poultry & Fish Processing Video
Career Success-Medical Lab Tech Video
Career Success-Photography Video
Career Success-Printing Video
Career Success-Ranching Video
Career Success-Secretarial Video
Career Success-Utility Equipment Operation Video
Career Success-Welding Video
Careers Without College-Crime Lab Tech Manual
Careers Without College-Customer Service Rep Manual
Careers Without College-Dental Hygienist Manual
Careers Without College-EMT Manual
Careers Without College-Fire Fighter Manual
Careers Without College-Heating A/C Servicers Manual
Careers Without College-Medical Record Technician Manual
Careers Without College-Radio Announcer Manual
Careers Without College-Security Guard Manual
Careers Without College-Tractor Trailer Truck Driver Manual
Carmen Sandiego Math Detective Manual/CD
Century that Made America Great Video Set of 3
Clock Faces CD
Clock Shop Manual/CD
Collected Wisdom-American Indian Education Manual
College Majors HandManual Manual
Community Based Curriculum Manual
Community Success CD
CoTeaching Students w/ Autism Manual
Credit and Credit Cards Video
Curriculum Clips Capitalism: History Video
Curriculum Clips Communism in Europe Video
Curriculum Clips Constitution A Living Document Video
Curriculum Clips Constitution Basics Video
Curriculum Clips Geography Video
Curriculum Clips Great Depression & WWII Video
Curriculum Clips Great Depression Causes Video
Curriculum Clips Great Depression Crash of '29 Video
Curriculum Clips Great Depression Dust Bowl Video
Curriculum Clips Great Depression Life Style Changes Video
Dangerous Drugs 101 DVD
Discipline in the Secondary Classroom Manual
Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe, Season 3 (2 volume set includes 3 disks with each volume) DVD
Dollars & Cents CD
Dream Catchers (2) Manual
Drinking & Driving Kills Video
Dust (2) CD
Dying to be Thin Video
Earobic Step 1 Manual/CD
Earthquake CD
Employee Improvement Packets DVD
Exploring Careers-A Young Person's Guide to 1000 Jobs Manual
Exploring Careers-What Would I Be Good At Curriculum
Fantastic Food Pyramid DVD/Video
Farberware One-handed Mandoline Slicer Equipment
Fiddlestix Game
First Aid CD
First Balance Game
First Impressions Can Make A Difference, Module 3 - DRESS (Part 1 and 2) Manual/DVD
Functional Living Skills for M/S HCs Manual
GED Language Arts Manual
GED Science Manual
GeoSafari Science CD
Getting to Work, A Guide for Better Schools - Learning Experiences Manual
Good Grips Roller Knife Equipment
Good Work Food/Hotel Service Video
Good Work Marine & Wildlife Video
Good Work Trades Part 1 Video
Good Work Trades Part 2 Video
Good Work Trades Part 4 Video
Good Work Trades Part 5 Video
Graduate Record Exam Cliff Notes Manual
Grammar CD
Grammar Renegades Level A Manual/CD
Grocery Words 1 (Edmark) Manual
Grocery Words 2 (Edmark) Manual
Growing Up-Boys Guide Manual/Video
Growing Up-Boys Guide to Puberty Manual/Video
Growing Up-Girls Guide Manual/Video
Growing Up-Girls Guide to Puberty Manual/Video
Guidance Club for Teens Video
Homework Wiz Hardware
Homework Wiz Plus Hardware
How To Get Along With Monsters, Mummies, Aliens, and Boss DVD
How to Stay Out of Gangs Video
Human Relations - Binge Drinking Manual/DVD
Human Relations - Club Drugs Manual/DVD
Human Relations - Social Skills for Life: Everything You Need To Know About School Manual
Human Relations - Everything You Need To Know About Substance Abuse Manual/DVD
Human Relations - Service Learning: You Can Make A Difference Manual/DVD
Human Relations - Social Skills for Life: Managing Strong Emotions Manual
Human Relations - Party Smart Manual/DVD
Human Relations - Social Skills For Life: Managing Strong Emotions Manual/DVD
Human Relations - Surviving Peer Pressure Manual/DVD
Human Relations - That's So Rude Manual/DVD
Human Relations - The Choking Game Manual/DVD
Human Relations - The Dangers of Sexting Manual/DVD
Human Relations - Uppers and Downers Manual/DVD
Human Relations - What's Your Attitude? Getting In The Mood To Work Manual/DVD
Human Relations - Workplace Etiquette: Why Being Polite Counts On The Job Manual/DVD
Hygiene Male Version Manual/Video
I Dropped Out But Didn't Think It Would Be Like This Video
I Dropped Out But It's Never Too Late to Drop Back In Video
I'm Tyler (4) DVD
In the Driver's Seat Manual
Interactions Collaboration Skills for School Professionals Manual
Interviewing Tips for Teens DVD
Is There Life After High School Part 1 Video
Is There Life After High School Part 2 Video
Is There Life After High School Part 3 Video
It's All Part of the Job Video
Janet's Got Her Period Manual/Video
Job Attitudes Part 1 Video
Job Attitudes Part 2 Video
Job Attitudes Part 3 Video
Job Box (2) Manual
Job Interview Skills/Job Attitudes & Habits Video
Laundry 101 Video
LCCE-Daily Living Skills (2) Curriculum
LCCE-Occupational Skills (2) Curriculum
LCCE-Personal Social Skills (2) Curriculum
Learning for Earning (10) Curriculum
Leisure Programs for HC Persons Manual
Life Beyond the Classroom (2) Manual
Life Horizons I Manual/Video
Life Horizons II Manual
LifeSteps-ABCs of Emotional Intelligence Video
LifeSteps-Bouncing Back Video
LifeSteps-Building Character Video
LifeSteps-Creative Problem Solving Video
LifeSteps-Developing Healthy Relationships Video
LifeSteps-Doing Your Best Video
LifeSteps-Empathy Caring & Compassion Video
LifeSteps-Getting Along w/ Others Video
LifeSteps-Knowing Who You Are Video
LifeSteps-Respect Video
LifeSteps-Responsibility Video
LifeSteps-Taking Charge Video
Making It On Your First Job Video
Master the ASVAB Manual
Math for the Real World (2) CD
Millie's Math House Manual/CD
Mind Your Manners Manual/Video Set of 6
Nebraska Work-Based Learning Program Development Guide Manual/CD
Noah's Ark CD
Occupational Exploration Guide Manual
Occupational Outlook HandManual Manual
Occupational Outlook HandManual Young Person's Manual
Occupational Titles Dictionary Manual
Occupations Children's Dictionary Manual
Oregon Trail Manual/CD
Pan Holder Equipment
Parts of Speech CD
Peace Talks-Bridging Racial Divisions Video
Peace Talks-Dealing w/ Bullies Video
Peace Talks-Drugs Alcohol & Guns Video
Peace Talks-Handling Dating Pressures & Harassment Video
Peace Talks-Handling Peer Pressure & Gangs Video
Peace Talks-Managing Your Anger Video
Peace Talks-Preventing Violence Video
Peace Talks-Resolving Conflicts Video
Peace Talks-Respecting Yourself & Others Video
Peace Talks-Stepping Up to Peace Video
Phonics 2 Intermediate Level Manual/CD
Phonics A Better Way of Learning Game
Places to Look DVD
Poise & the Art of Job Interviewing (2) Video
Police Officer/Criminology Careers Video
Power of Choice-Communicating w/ Parents Video
Power of Choice-Friendship & Dating Video
Power of Choice-Self Esteem Video
Power of Choice-Sex Video
REACH-African American Perspective Manual
REACH-American Indian Perspective Manual
REACH-Asian American Perspective Manual
REACH-European American Perspective Manual
REACH-Hispanic/Latino Perspective Manual
Reader Rabbits Manual/CD
Reading Free Vocational Interest Inventory (r-FVII:2) Test
Real Life Teens-Alcohol DVD
Real Life Teens-Bill of Rights at School DVD
Real Life Teens-Bullies & Harassment on Campus DVD
Real Life Teens-Drugs DVD
Real Life Teens-Eating Disorders DVD
Real Life Teens-Peer Pressure DVD
Real Life Teens-Smoking DVD
Real Life Teens-Stress DVD
Real Life Teens-Teen Anger DVD
Real Life Teens-Teen Depression DVD
Resume Handbook Career Ed - Manuals
Resume and Cover Letter Book Career Ed - Manuals
Resume Complete Idiot’s Guide Career Ed - Manuals
Right of Way - Interactive Driver's Education CD-Rom
Rubrics for Transition-High Functioning Students Manual/CD
Rubrics for Transition-Low Functioning Students Manual/CD
Sacagawea Ft Clatsop & the Journey Home Video
Sacagawea Over the Rockies to the Pacific Video
Sacagawea St Louis to Ft Mandan Video
Safety In & Around the Home Game
Saying Goodbye Video
Scanner OneTouch 8800 USB (use w/Wynn Wizard) Hardware
Science Concepts-Earth SC Manual/CD
Science Concepts-Life SC Manual/CD
Science Concepts-Physical SC Energy Manual/CD
Science Concepts-Physical SC Matter Manual/CD
Science Elementary Manual/CD
See You Later, Procrastinator Manual
Self Assessment DVD/Video
Service Learning from Classroom to Community to Career Manual
Seventh Generation Manual
Sex Education for Persons w/ Disabilities Manual/Video
Sex Talk Video
Should I Say Anything? Manual/Video
Signs Around You 1 Manual
Signs Around You 2 Manual
Signs Around You/Grocery Words Manual
Skills You Need To Get a Job Video
Social Skills on the Job Video
Social Skills Lessons and Activities for Grades Pre-K-K Manual
Social Skills Lessons and Activities for Grades 1-3Manual
Social Skills Lessons and Activities for Grades 4-6Manual
Social Skills Lessons and Activities for Grades 7-12 Manual
Social Studies, Elementary Manual/CD
Stapler (2) Hardware
Steps to Independent Living - How To Get Well When You're Sick or Hurt Manual
Steps to Independent Living - How To Look Out For Yourself Manual
Steps to Independent Living - How To Set Up A Home Manual
Steps to Independent Living - How To Stay Healthy Manual
Steps to Independent Living - How To Take Care Of Your Home Manual
Steps to Independent Living - How To Use Money Wisely Manual
Steps to Independent Living - Teachers Guide Manual
Student Portfolio (11) Manual
Studying for Driver's License Manual
Succeeding in the World of Work Curriculum
Surefit Plastic Food Guard Equipment
Swedish Cutting Board Equipment
Teen Files - Truth About Hate Manual/Video
Teen Files - Truth About Sex Manual/Video
Teen Files - Truth About Violence Manual/Video
Teen Health DVD
Teen Health Video
Teen Hygiene DVD/Video
Teen Issues - 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make Manual
Teen Issues - 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Manual
Teen Issues - 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Personal Work Manual Manual
Teen Issues - Defending Yourself: Bullying, Teasing & Put Downs DVD
Teen Issues - Helping A Friend Who is Depressed or Suicidal DVD
Teen Issues - Problem Solver Guide for Students w/ ADHD Manual
Teen Issues - Teens Can Make it Happen Manual
Teen Issues - Teens Can Make it Happen Work Manual Manual
Teen Suicide Video
Teens Dealing w/ Death Video
Tell Me Why - A Healthy Body Video
Tell Me Why - Anatomy & Genetics Video
Tell Me Why - Beginnings Video
Tell Me Why - Birds & Rodents Video
Tell Me Why - Customs & Superstitions Video
Tell Me Why - How Things Work Video
Tell Me Why - Mammals Video
Tell Me Why - Medicine Video
Tell Me Why - Space, Earth & Atmosphere Video
Tell Me Why - Sports & Games Video
Tell Me Why - Water & Weather Video
Ten Easy Ways to Keep Your Job Manual/Video
Ten Easy Ways to Lose Your Job Manual/Video
Tests for Everyday Living (TEL) Test
Transition Curriculum Kit
Transition Planning Inventory (TPI) Test

Transition Services in the IEP: Requirements for Post-Secondary Planning

Transition Skills Inventory Manual/Curriculum
Turbo Math Facts CD
Video Game Careers Manual
Violence, Get Real About Video
Violent Times-A Time for Healing Manual/Video
Violent Times-A Time of Grief Manual/Video
Violent Times-A Time of Rage Manual/Video
Vocational Training Community Based Manual/CD
Voices From the Front Aggression in School Video
Weather, Climate & You Manual/CD
Why Follow the Rules Video
Why Stay in School Video
Word Zapper (2) CD
Words Around Me (2) Manual/CD
Worker Trait Group Guide Manual
Working w/ High Risk Students Video
Workplace Readiness-Problem Solving Unit Manual/Video
Workplace Readiness-Self Management Unit Manual/Video
Workplace Readiness-Teamwork Unit Manual/Video
Workplace Readiness-Utilization Unit Manual/Video
Wynn Wizard (use w/Scanner) Software
Yoiks Math Tools Manual/CD
Your First Resume Manual

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