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Mission and Vision Statement
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ESU #1 Speech/Language Department
Email Wendy Consoli, Deaf Educator and Speech Department Coordinator, at wconsoli@esu1.org.

What We Do
The ESU #1 Speech Language Department serves referred and identified children from birth to age 21 in the areas of speech, language, hearing development and improvement. The speech/language pathologist strives to reduce or eliminate speech language difficulties that interfere with a child's ability to communicate and to derive full benefit from the districts educational programs. A speech/language pathologist may also be referred to as a speech therapist, speech clinician, communication specialist or SLP.

What Services Are Offered
Services offered by the ESU #1 Speech/Language Department are:

  • Consultation to provide effective alternatives to teachers and parents about ways to assist the child without providing direct therapy

Special Education Departments
  • Assessment of speech fluency and sounds, the child’s use of/understanding of language, voice and hearing ability compared to others their age

  • Intervention to help children improve or compensate in their areas of difficulty through individual or group therapy

  • In-service/education for educators, parents or communities about normal development and speech services

How Services Are Provided
Local school districts contract with ESU #1 for speech/language/hearing services, which are provided by an assigned clinician at each district. Services may be requested by educators, parents or other professionals. For school-aged children, a Student Assistant Team (SAT) meets and determines whether or not a child should be evaluated. All records are kept confidential.

How to Make a Referral
If you have concerns about a child’s speech, language or hearing, you should contact your local school district for further evaluation. The school district will then contact ESU #1 to make a referral if necessary.

Cost of Services
There is no cost to families for these services, as most ESU #1 services are provided by the school districts.


Questions? Comments? Please email Scott or Tracey.