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Articulation Norms

Articulation of sounds is developmental. The following age norms were established as part of the Nebraska-Iowa Articulation Norms Project. The charts below show at what age males and females should be using correctly articulated consonant sounds. Vowel sounds are currently considered intact by age three.


AGE 3 - b, p, m, n, h, w, d, g, k, f
AGE 4 - y, t, t, kw, voiced th
AGE 5 - f, v, l, pl ,bl, kl, gl, fl
AGE 6 - sh, ch, j, l, voiceless th
AGE 7 - s, z, s blends, ing
AGE 8 - r, pr, br, dr, gr, kr, dr, fr, er,
AGE 9 - thr, str, spr, skr


AGE 3 - p, b, m, t, d, k, h, f,
AGE 4 - g
AGE 5 - f, v, y, tw, kw
AGE 6 - l, l blends
AGE 7 - ch, sh, j, voiced th, ing, s, z, s blends
AGE 8 - voiceless th, r, r blend, er
AGE 9 - thr, str, spr, skr

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