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Twenty Ways to Benefit from
Your School Psychologist

Name one thing that a school psychologist is capable of doing. Chances are that “testing” would be the most common answer given. Unfortunately, the school psychologist is often seen as providing a very limited specific psychometric service and is not utilized to provide many of the additional services for which they have been trained. Using your school psychologist in areas other than testing will prove to be very beneficial for teachers, students, and families.

1. Consultation
2. In-service
3. Parent Training
4. Crisis Intervention
5. Research
6. Recommendations
7. Counseling
8. Screening
9. Testing
10. Test Interpretation
11. Follow-up
12. Behavior Techniques
13. Reports
14. Preschool Assessment
15. Multiculturalism Training
16. Pre-referral
17. Committees
18. Community Liaison
19. Community Resources
20. Personality Assessment

Special Education Departments


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