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How Do I Make a Referral?

When concern arises with regard to your child’s academic/behavioral success, your initial contact should be made with the child’s classroom teacher. Together, you can begin to explore what could be interfering with his/her performance. If no progress is made, the teacher may discuss the possibility of a referral to your school’s Student Assistance Team. The Student Assistance Team is a group of school personnel who brainstorm ideas and interventions on how to better serve the child in an educational setting. Each parent will be invited and encouraged to attend these meetings. In fact, parent involvement is essential. If the child still does not make progress, an evaluation involving the school psychologist may be requested.


  1. Talk with child’s classroom teacher about the concern.
  2. Work with classroom teacher to mend the problem.
  3. If no progress, the teacher will consider a referral to Student Assistance Team.
  4. Student Assistance Team works with teacher and parent to mend the problem.
  5. If no progress, consider a full evaluation for special education.
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