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Early Development Network
Services Coordination Program
Email Cheri Matthews, Coordinator, at cmatthew@esu1.org.

What is Early Development Network Services Coordination?
Services Coordination means a central contact person, known as the services coordinator, is assigned to each family.

Services Coordination helps families of children with special needs below age three:

  • find services to meet developmental, educational, financial, health care, child care, respite care and other needs
  • link with needed services
  • work with multiple providers to make sure services are provided as needed
  • become coordinators of services for their own children in the future
Special Education Departments

Why is Services Coordination needed?
Nebraska families of children with special needs have found it difficult to locate needed services for infants and toddlers with disabilities and then to coordinate the services with so many providers involved.

Nebraska families asked the state Legislature for assistance by allowing services coordinators to set up teams of the family service providers to work together.

Services Coordination:

  • allows families easy access to community services
  • make current services stronger
  • avoids duplication of services
  • develops resources when needed
  • makes it clear to families what they can expect from state and community agencies

Who is Eligible for Services Coordination?
Eligible families are those with an infant or toddler below age three who has a disability or developmental delay and qualifies.

How Can Families Apply?
To request Early Development services for your child or to refer a child in your area, contact Cheri Matthews at ESU #1 via email at cmatthew@esu1.org or by calling (402) 287-2061. With prior parental permission, referrals may be made by anyone who suspects a developmental delay in an infant or toddler.


Questions? Comments? Please email Scott or Tracey.