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Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education
Email Wendy Consoli, Deaf Educator and Speech Department Coordinator, at wconsoli@esu1.org.

What is Deaf Education? Deaf education is a diverse field that centers on education of children who are deaf and/or hard of hearing. It is a diverse field because there are many different causes, varying degrees of hearing loss, age of onset, child’s background and communication methods. Deaf education focuses on each child’s individual learning and communication needs.

Wendy Consoli (wconsoli@esu1.org) is the Deaf Educator for ESU #1’s Deaf Education Program. She has worked at ESU #1 as a Speech/Language Pathologist since 1991. She works directly with staff, students and parents of children in the ESU #1 district. She is involved in the Northeast Regional Program, which provides a variety of activities to involve students with a hearing loss and gives them a chance to meet other children and participate in fun programs.

A Deaf Educator provides direct services, classroom observation, MDT/IEP consultation, collaborative teaching parent education, and partnerships with: service providers, school districts, families and support in programming with transition and early intervention.

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