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RtI Forms, PowerPoint
Presentations and Handouts

RtI Power Point Presentations
ESU #1 RtI Overview Presentation
Incorporating RtI Into the SAT Process
Response to Intervention: A Guide for Schools
RtI and Disproportionality RtI and Problem Solving Teams

RtI Overview Handouts
Response to Intervention Plan Evaluation Flowchart
Response to intervention Goal Setting Example
Response to Intervention Readiness Survey
Response to Intervention Stages
Make Sure RtI Efforts Are Augmented With the Right Personnel

RtI and SAT Forms and Handouts
Case Manager Checklist for SAT Referrals
Continuing SAT Referral (Click HERE for Sample)
Follow-up SAT Form (Click HERE for Sample)
How to Interpret Reading Fluency
Initial SAT Meeting
(Click HERE for Sample)
Intervention Referral (Click HERE for Sample)
Pre-Referral Teacher Documentation
(Click HERE for Sample)
Procedural Checklist
Request for Student Assistance
Response to Intervention Tiers
SAT Data Collection
SAT Flowchart
SAT Meeting Log

SAT Parent Input
SAT Parent Letter
SAT Parent Letter (Follow-Up)

SAT Permission for Specialist
Student SAT Goals
Teacher Checklist Referrals

Time Sampling of Behavior (Click HERE for Sample)

Special Education Departments


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