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Explanation of Interventions
An objective of RtI is to select intervention strategies that match a student’s needs. As with any intervention, it can be ineffective to continue implementing interventions that are not shown to be successful through progress monitoring data. Therefore, if the child is not making progress, consider modifying the intervention or switching to another intervention. Interventions should always supplement instruction and not replace instruction in the general education classroom. Additionally, student intervention strategies should be researched based and feasible to implement.

While perusing the intervention manual, several interventions are repeatedly represented throughout various levels of intensity and categories. This is due to the variation in duration and frequency of a

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given intervention. For example, if an intervention is implemented for ten minutes, three times per week, it is considered less intensive than that same intervention being implemented every day for thirty minutes.

Criteria for each level of intervention – Interventions in each level will exist on a continuum, meaning there is variability in the duration and frequency for each level. The below descriptions are meant to serve as guidelines, as schools will define their own measures. Generally speaking, interventions could be described/implemented as the following:

  • Least Intensive – a supplemental intervention provided in addition to general instruction, typically provided in a small group setting. Frequency would vary between three to five times a week for approximately 5 to 15 minutes. This intervention may be administered by the classroom teacher, parent, paraprofessional or peer.
  • Moderately Intensive – a supplemental intervention provided outside the general education classroom, which typically occurs in a small group or on an individual basis. Additionally, one may increase the duration and/or frequency of the intervention previously in place. The interventions will likely occur approximately three to five times a week for approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Additionally, a moderately intensive intervention could be a purchased program.
  • Most Intensive – a supplemental intervention that may be a prescribed purchased program. It is typically administered every day for at least twenty to sixty minutes. This should be administered in a one-on-one setting with personnel who are trained to administer the intervention.

ESU #1 does not endorse any programs/interventions listed in this manual. This is a compilation of interventions collected in order to assist school districts in implementing research-based interventions in the classroom. While the concepts of the interventions have been researched, the actual programs may not.

Each website is referenced following the interventions, from which the text was not altered from the original authors. More specifically, the text was gleaned directly from the original document; therefore, all credit should be given to the author.


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