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RealCare™ babies a valuable resource, learning tool
ESU #1 recently upgraded its RealCare Baby simulators. The RealCare babies provide students with skills necessary for effective parenting. The 10 RealCare simulators are once again available for checkout during 2015-16, with both genders and a variety of ethnicities represented. To ensure all participating districts are familiar with ESU #1 guidelines, please visit our ESU #1 RealCare Baby web page for additional info at http://www.esu1.org/RealCareBaby.html. Due to our significant investment in the RealCare Baby simulators, all participating districts are required to sign the District Information and Letter of Agreement document each year. Both a district administrator and a participating staff member (for example, FCS teacher) will sign the document. Once the signed document is on file at ESU #1 and a checkout schedule has been arranged with Jaimi Nicholson, districts can make arrangements to pick up RealCare babies at ESU #1. Jaimi Nicholson’s contact information is jnicholson@esu1.org or (402) 287-2061. It is our hope that the RealCare babies will be a valuable resource for your district and a powerful learning tool for your students.

Useful links

The following page offers some tips on getting started.

The web page includes video instruction on how to program, charge and view simulation reports.

This web page includes many helpful answers to frequently asked questions.

Important RealCare™ Baby notes

* Use only the items provided to you when caring for the baby (clothing, blanket, diaper, bottle, etc.).
* Keep baby away from any newly purchased and unwashed fabrics (e.g., clothing, blankets, linens, table clothes) as certain color dyes will stain and discolor the baby’s vinyl skin, resulting in permanent damage. If such damage occurs, the participant/school district will be held financially responsible.

* Baby should be charged overnight, then unplugged.
* If baby is stored in a very cold or very hot environment, allow 24 hours for baby to adjust to a moderate temperature before use.
* Dramatic changes in temperature can cause water condensation inside baby. Allow time for the condensation to evaporate before use.

Important reminder

The X-Stick USB wireless communication device in the blue bag is more than just a flash drive and is very expensive to replace ($199). Please take care that it doesn’t get lost or broken, and store it in a safe place when not in use.

Useful downloads

General Info
* RealCare™ Baby Flyer
* District Information & Letter of Agreement for RealCare™ Baby
* Teacher Kit Checklist
* Student Kit Checklist (when picking up from ESU #1)

Teacher Resources
* Important Teacher Information

* RealCare™ Baby Safety Precautions
* RealCare™ Baby Participant Contract
* RealCare™ Baby Parent/Guardian Permission Form
* Student Kit Checklist (for teacher to use with students)


Questions? Comments? Please email Scott or Tracey.